Anagrams is a word game about anagrams. In this website you can play the game with friends on the internet.

How to play

When you first open the page it will ask you for your name. Type your name or a nickname, click “Play!” and then you will immediately be in a game. Your name appears in a white box on the board. That box is yours and during the game you will put your words next to it. If there are other players who want to play at the same time, their names will also appear. People can join the game up until the first tile is turned. To turn a tile and start the game, click on the “Turn” button.

The website doesn’t enforce the rules of the game so if you agree with the other players you can play however you want. Try not to take the game too seriously and just have fun.

How to move the tiles

To move a tile you can just drag it with the mouse. Once you’ve moved the first tile, you can put another one next to it more quickly by just clicking on it.

Shortcut keys


Quite often you can end up in a debate about whether a word is valid. Underneath the board, there’s a chat box to send messages in order to do this.

How to play with specific friends

If you want to play with a specific group of friends instead of waiting for random internet people, you can create a special address for the website. You can just type followed by a question mark and then the name of your room. If you give the other players this address you can start the game with just them. For example:


The source code for the website is available on Github.